Thursday, 4 April 2013


Welcome to my brand, spanking, shiny new site! Wychbury Designs is my very exciting solo project with a focus on custom collections, weddings and wholesale work. If you have followed me over from Wychbury's sites then you will know a bit about me already - if not please take do a look around while you're here!

On this blog I'll be talking mainly about my own work, events, new collections and news as I develop my ranges and stick my head further above the creative parapet in an attempt to make a living as a designer of handmade things! I'll also be writing about what it's like to be a maker in Yorkshire at the moment, the amazing and creative people I know and work with and what's happening around this area. You can read my previous posts on Wychbury's blog to find out how the devil I got here in the first place!

In the meantime, stay tuned with Lesley and I on all of Wychbury's social media feeds as well as on Etsy and Folksy, you'll find all the clickables in the sidebar over there >>

More musings soon!
Paula x


  1. LOVING the new design and blog :)

  2. Lynsey!! You made it over - thanks lovely - got my Cuteable badge over yonder >>>